What is Busrama?

Busrama International is a bi-monthly magazine about Japanese buses and market



 Busrama International which is published bi-monthly is the only magazine in Japan that is devoted solely to buses. It was first published in 1990 with the aim of "creating buses that are more superior as tools for our daily living from the passengers' standpoint." The wide variety of our contents include information about the new vehicles, bus equipment, components, and various bus systems, the trends of the bus operators as well as the whole bus industry, along with the history of the vehicles, information from abroad, and exchange of information among the bus enthusiasts.

 Before we started publications, bus related media was very scarce and considered very weak. By continually providing a magazine that reflected the environment surrounding the buses as well as the needs of the times with the guiding policy of "providing accurate and timely information in abundance", we have fast become a reliable opinion leader.

 Another big characteristic of Busrama is that it is the only publication of its kind in Japan that provides edited English text in conjunction with the Japanese articles. We are waiting for your orders from around the world.

 Beside the regular issues of Busrama, we also publish the Annual, Special, and Express (all with the edited English text). Please check our respective sites for more information.

・Published at the end of every 2 months (February, April, June, August, October, and December)
・297×210mm, Regular issues have 104 pages
・1,430 yen per issue
・Text in Japanese (mainly) and English summary