What is Working Vehicles?

Working Vehicles is a magazine about Japanese trucks, special transportation vehicles and constructing machines.
3 issues per annum

°°Working Vehicles has been highly rated by many as providing information that is precise and accurate, portraying the essence of the commercial vehicles. The major theme of the Working Vehicles, with the key words of °»how to transport°…, is to introduce the technology related to transportation such as the characteristics of the trucks and how they are utilized to our wide ranging readers.

°°Though most of the articles are truck related, it also contains a wide range of commercial vehicles including the special vehicles, emergency vehicles, and taxis. Working Vehicles is full of information about both the software and the hardware of the °»working vehicles°…except buses, which are covered by its sister publication Busrama International.

°°Another characteristic of this magazine is that along with the domestic information, information from abroad as well as the historical and cultural aspects of the commercial vehicles are also actively covered. In each issue of the magazine, the history of commercial vehicles which had seldom been regarded as working tools are featured.

°° Another great characteristic of this magazine is that it can be enjoyed by our readers abroad as well as most of the articles feature english summaries.